viernes, 12 de abril de 2013

Rapunzel (Level2)

Rapunzel is based on the book by Catherine McCafferty and is a great play for seven year olds.


This is the story of Rapunzel, the girl who lives alone in a high tower. Everything starts when her mother wishes to eat rapunzel´s flowers while she is pregnant and Rapunzel´s father, steals them from a Witch´s garden. The wicked witch changes the rapunzel for the their first daughter.
So Rapunzel lives in the tower, until a handsome prince, falls in love with her and everything changes for them...

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Depending on the number of students you can also add extra characters if you wish, which can climb the tower to meet Rapunzel.

Character Objectives:

Narrator: He tells us the story

Wife: when she is pregnat, she wishes the rapunzel´s flowers to prepare a fine salad

Husband: He steals the crisp rapunzel of the Witch´s garden

Witch: She raises Rapunzel as her own daughter, but she locks her in a tall tower.

Rapunzel: She lives alone in the tower, until she meets the Prince

Prince: He hears Rapunzel singing and fall in love with her.

Class Preparation:

- Divide the class in four groups, so we can represent the play with six characters

We prepare the stage and costumes, in the Arts and Craft class: a witch hat, the tower...

- Music: We can use these songs in each scene 

1. Who's That Stealing My Lettuces?

2. Rapunzel, Let Your Hair Down

3. There Goes The Prince

4. Rapunzel's Song

5. Let's All Celebrate!


Scene 1
Scene set in the married couple´s house and the garden . They want to be parents. The wife is pregnant and she wishes the crisp rapunzels of their neighbor. The husband steals the rapunzel of the garden, but the witch catches him. Song 1.

Scene 2
The scene is set in the garden. The witch thinks for a while, then she tells the man to take as much salad as he wants. But the wicked witch wants something in return. A year later, a baby girl is born and the witch came to take her away. She calls the baby ‘Rapunzel’ and shuts her up in a high tower in the woods so that she can never escape. Song 2

Scene 3
The scene is set in the tower. A handsome prince comes riding into the woods. Song3. he hears someone singing. He thinks that it sounds very beautiful. Song 4. The prince watches as the witch shouts out and he decides to climb the tower

Scene 4
Rapunzel and the prince fall in love. The witch cuts the Rapunzel´s hair and takes her into the forest. After that, she scratches the prince´s eyes and makes him blind. He is lost in the woods.

Scene 5
The scene is set in the forest. The blind prince hears a sound in the distance. It is Rapunzel. They go together to the King´s castle where they have a grand wedding. Song 5. 

The end